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WTPC Installation Instructions


PREPARE CABLE: Remove enough jacket and armor from the end of the cable to allow wire leads long enough to make connections to equipment.

Remove sufficient amount of jacket to allow for making a good grounding bond of the armor to connector.


NOTE: If interlock cable is being used run bonding adhesive supplied with the connector in the channels of approximately 4 convolutions. Allow to dry and then make cut to remove excess armor.

Untwist the ground wire and separate the strands.


Remove all filler/packing strands from exposed cable. Cut them off as close to the armor as possible.

To ease passage of the wires through the connector, wrap electrical tape around the wire cluster at the cut off ends.


OMIT THIS STEP IF NOT USING SLEEVE! Slip heat shrinkable sleeve over cable before installing the connector into the equipment. Do Not apply heat to sleeve at this time.




Loosen the gland nut on the WTPC connector assembly. Since access to the port hole might be restricted following installation, remove the set screw you have access to.


Feed the wire leads and ground wire through the connector assembly and screw the connector assembly onto the cable making sure it is tight enough to make a good bond. Tighten gland nut with channel locks or strap wrench until tight (gland firmly contacts PVC jacket on cable).


Seal the opening from which the wire leads are extending with fiber fill. Pack the material tightly with enough fiber fill to insure a packing depth of about 3/8" being careful to fill the gaps between the wires.

Use a wooden or plastic rod or strip to aid in packing. Do Not use metal tools.


Clean any residual fiber fill from the serrated surface at the end of the connector assembly. This surface must be clean and free of all traces of fiber fill to insure an explosion proof joint.




Feed the wires leads through the threaded opening into the equipment housing.

Next, screw the WTPC connector into the equipment housing making certain the connector is secure with a strap wrench or channel locks.






APPLY SEALANT:  When satisfied with connection, mix the Scotchcast® 2130 Flame Retardant Compound following the manufacturer's instructions.


Through the open port hole, fill the connector pouring chamber to capacity.


When excess resin starts to escape from the chamber though the open port, replace the set screw.

NOTE: In vertical installations with the cable up, you may loosen the gland nut which will permit easier air venting. This will prevent excessive leakage resulting from over-pressuring.


If seal compound leaks out around or though the fiber fill, add more fiber fill as needed to create an effective seal.


Replace the set screw in the connector body and tighten fully.


Whenever possible check the level in the fill port after 10-20 minutes and add sealant if required.


OMIT THIS STEP IF NOT USING SLEEVE! Slip heat shrinkable sleeve over cable and connector and apply heat to shrink the sleeve.



install WTUPC

install WTPC

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